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Inu Yasha is sad because he can’t have two girlfriends


Inu Yasha is sad because he can’t have two girlfriends

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The promised selfies of your quirky hermit social-butterfly.

Jenni, you’re a gift.

now I remember who I loved most in the DCU as a younger kid. Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle. How could I have forgotten. Mexican American poc representation, healthy family relationships, badass alien armour and sweaty semi-parasitic transformation sequence.

Might have to get that series…


Wandering Beasts by John Kenn

Kenn writes and directs television shows for children and when he’s not taking care of his own children, he draws monsters on post-it notes. His own “little window into a different work, made on office supplies.” 

that … linestroke … so goooood…

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"They were like a married couple – perhaps I should say a good married couple. Transformers being long-lived beings, they’ve clearly been in each other’s company for thousands and thousands of years, they know each other inside out, and they still have a love for each other. Their relationship evolved organically, albeit entirely behind the scenes, as I spent a year plotting and re-plotting the first 16 or so issues of MTMTE. I didn’t set out with the aim of having a Transformers couple on board ship. Chromedome and Rewind were going to be best friends (and it’s worth remembering that even having two characters who are best friends is (or was) a rarity in TF fiction), but as I wrote their scenes together I realized that there was a tenderness and tactility that took their relationship into a different dimension. So by the time I came to properly write issue 1, and they made their debut in Prowl’s office, they were a proper couple.

I didn’t think anyone at IDW or Hasbro would have a problem with the two of them being demonstrably close, and having a deep affection for each other, because everyone wanted the TF comic universe to be taken in new directions; and Hasbro in particular wanted John Barber and I to explore the more ‘human’ side of the characters. And I’ve never had a problem with Transformers loving each other because – and it really is a simple argument – if they can hate each other (and a four million year long civil war is ample evidence of hate), they can experience the opposite emotion. All that said, the Chromedome/Rewind relationship stepped up a gear – and moved fully into the open – with issue #16, when Rewind tells Chromedome (not for the first time, but it’s the first time we’ve seen it on the page) that he loves him. I was conscious that this was really nailing certain colors to the mast, and I was ready to make a case for those three words to stay in the script. But both John and Michael Kelly at Hasbro were incredibly supportive and encouraging, and the declaration of love survived the editing process. The reaction to the first Transformers gay couple was amazing – overwhelmingly positive. To be honest, I thought most people would be pretty cool with it, because most people are sensible and decent, but it was still encouraging to see. Hooray for Transformers fans.”

James Roberts, Reinventing the Cog part 2 (Awesome interview)

God bless Roberts.

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sitting in bed on a weeknight feeling so starved for racial and sexual representation in my media


"Weird at last, weird at last. God almighty, weird at last." 

I. [x][x][x][x] / II. [x][x][x][x] / III. [x][x][x][x] / IV. [x][x][x][x] / V. [x][x][x][x]

Welcome to Night Vale

this is one sick photoset. I love it.

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oh my. dream hair.



oh my. dream hair.

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Godzilla: Cataclysm cover process. Issue #1 due in August, written by Cullen Bunn, published by IDW.

omg i love those colors D:

brutally amazing stuff.


Howl’s Moving Castle 

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my comics came in the mail today finally <3 Windblade #4 and MTMTE #31 (Rojo’s art doesn’t look too bad on the page, surprisingly). I’m happy

Going to sort some stuff out tonight. Organise my comics, clean all my junk away. I’m going to feel good about myself /flexes


HiroshigeNew Year’s Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Ōji (1857) 


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These Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann illustrations by Hiroki Shinagawa (品川宏樹) offer a unique slice-of-life look at the TTGL world. Shinagawa’s art work appeared on the Gainax front page and is also in the US art book release Gurren Lagann Art Works (Amazon US).

that first one though. bless Viral and his honourable dork face.

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